Stallo desktop.

Welcome the stallo remote desktop service.

Connect to remote desktop


Log into before you try to connect to the remote desktop from outside the academic network in Norway.

If you are connecting from outside the networks of UNINETT and partners you need to log into with ssh to verify that you have a valid username and password on the Stallo system. After a successful login the service will automatically allow you to connect from the ip-address your client currently has. The connection will be open for at least 5 minutes after you log in. There is no need to keep the ssh-connection open after you have connected to the remote desktop, in fact you will be automatically logged off after 5 seconds.


This service provides you with a simple but functional Linux desktop called XFCE where you can edit files and use graphical user interfaces. We have currently tested Matlab, Gview, VMD, molden and maestro and they all seem to work well. (maestro must be started with the command maestro -SGL)

Remark: This is not an attempt to create a full point-and-click interface to whatever you might want to do on the Stallo system, it is merely an effort to make it easier to access the system and run graphical applications without having to install any software on your local computer.

This is a reimplementation of the service which do not need java and should work in all modern browsers. (Go to the old java based service.)


This service is powered by NoVNC.